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Some of these films have adult themes, and while they have not been certified by the BBFC they carry a 15 rating.
Sam Now
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Sam Now Directed by Reed Harkness Travelling thousands of miles to look for their missing mother, two film-obsessed brothers set out to solve a family mystery. Using every video format imaginable, with archival footage spanning 25 years, the story is woven with longing, loss and love as it faces intergenerational trauma.
Queen of Hearts
Queen of Hearts Directed by Chema Ramos Known to Ian Fleming, Larissa Swirski could have been his inspiration for a “Bond girl”. Related to the Russian Tzars and enticed to spy for Nazi Germany she turned to “Her Majesty’s Service” as a double agent for MI5 in World War II. Known as “The Queen of Hearts”, her key role in espionage can now be revealed through recently declassified documents.
Reed Harkness attended 'film school' in his backyard and garage. Aged 18, he began making a series of short films starring his younger brother Sam which was the beginning of a project two decades in the making: SAM NOW, a coming-of-age film that follows his brother from age 11 to 36. SAM NOW is currently on its festival tour, winning 13 awards including seven for Best Documentary. Reed previously directed the award-winning 30-minute documentary FOREST ON FIRE about the 2017 wildfire in the Columbia River Gorge, started by a teen who threw a lighted firecracker off a hiking trail - thus stranding more than 150 hikers. The film examined how, much like wildfire, a news story can spin out of control.
Chema Ramos ha dirigido: - Documental “El último concierto” en fase de postproducción (Wonderers) 2021 - Codirección del documental “El Camino Invisible” (2020) junto a Antonio Mejías (Andalucía Multimedia, Canal Sur y la participación de la Junta de Andalucía). - Videoclip “Malos Pelos – 4 de Diciembre” (Southern Films) 2020 - Spot “Ispaprojext, Apoyo al Agricultor” (Southern Films) 2020 - Cortometraje “Una casa en el campo” (Funny Works Producciones) 2011 - Programa “El reclamo” (Funny Works Producciones y Adsat Telecomunicaciones para Giralda TV) 2010 - 2011 - Videoclip “Pou – Música” (Funny Works Producciones) 2010 - Promo “Pou – Configuración Personal” (Funny Works Producciones) 2010 - Cortometraje “Sexo en Mozambique” (La muñeca rusa producciones) 2005.