True Grit
Life gives us plenty of opportunities to test our metal.
This selection of inspirational fictional shorts, documentaries and animation, tells us a range of stories. From historical to futuristic, tragic to comic, epic to the every day, the unsung heroes of these films will demonstrate that grit is the stubborn refusal to quit.
Some of these films have adult themes, and while they have not been certified by the BBFC they carry a 15 rating.
Here are all the featured short films in this theme. If you are interested in seeing similar films to this, click on the film name!
#3099 - UK Short Fiction - Directed by Xiao Jiao
Walking Sports - UK Short Doc - Directed by Peter Kehoe
Prazinburk Ridge  - Animation - Directed by Martin Bell
Kambana  - International Short Doc - Directed by Samuel Pastor
Laika and Nemo - Animation - Directed by Jan Gadermann
Blue Rain - International Short Fiction - Directed by Jet Kragt
Dear Fear - UK Short Doc - Directed by Edie Amos