UK Short Fiction
Some of these films have adult themes, and while they have not been certified by the BBFC they carry a 15 rating.
Hard to reach
Hard to reach Directed by Darryl Foster Morey, on the brink of a breakdown, picks up troubled student Jackson. Their photography trip takes an unexpected turn with a train altercation, pushing them into a nearby forest. There. they have a life-altering encounter that leaves a lasting impact on them both.
Reaching Four
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Reaching Four Directed by Katherine Press Following a horrific accident, young mum Clare, a chronic OCD sufferer, has become isolated from her family. She's at tipping point, trapped by her overpowering condition, yet terrified of losing those she loves.
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Free Directed by Aashish Gadhvi A lone refugee girl on the beaches of Italy wanders into a fish market, attempting to steal a fish. A woman intervenes when the child is caught by the fishmonger.
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#3099 Directed by Xiao Jiao In a dystopian society where childbirth is no longer bound by partnerships between women and men, most women use self-insemination kits - canned sperm, available in any store - to conceive, opting to become single mothers instead of having to wait for “the ideal man” . Fathers are replaced by a series of numbers, which show up genetically on every donor child's finger. Rick is one of these donor children, whose uncontrollable imagination and overexcited personality make it hard for him to connect with his mother, so he sets out to find his father, and his only clue is the number on his finger #3099.
Five Weeks
Five Weeks Directed by Geej Ower Jen attempts to go about her daily routine, but the reality of what she’s done begins to catch up with her.
Darryl Foster, born and raised in Birmingham to a Jamaican father and second-generation Irish mother, gained recognition as an actor in TRIGONOMETRY (2020). Formerly a mentor for at-risk youth in Birmingham, Darryl's experiences shaped his voice as a filmmaker. His debut film, HARD TO REACH, was developed with the BFI NETWORK.
Born in China, Xiao Jiao studied producing in Beijing film Academy for her first Master’s degree before moving to London to study directing at Goldsmiths University. She worked on several short films, including NH4+ (shot in Beijing), BLINDNESS (shot in L.A) and ONE MAN’S TRASH, which was her last project, where she had the chance to work with Ellie Haddington. Xiao is a big fan of iconoclastic films. She is also keen on exploring fascinatingly absurd stories set in new worlds.
Geej Ower is an award-winning director and writer based in London. She started her career in the theatre, where her passion for character and storytelling was born.