Youth Films

Love of a Horse and a Whale
Love of a Horse and a Whale Directed by Anastasia Shinkarenko The horse meets a terrible monster and almost dies. Love turns out to be a saviour.
We Won't Make a Sound on Our Way Out
We Won't Make a Sound on Our Way Out Directed by Lex Jimenez Two friends reminisce on last times & the inevitability of change during their last night together.
A Crisis Carol
A Crisis Carol Directed by Yoel Mesfin In this spinoff of "A Christmas Carol" Mother Earth teaches Scrooge the importance of caring for our environment by revealing to him Earth's past, present, and future.
My Superpower
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My Superpower Directed by Maxwell William Andrews In his search for his superpower, nine-year-old Maxwell discovers that his words have the power to help and to harm.
My Lockdown Ramadhan
My Lockdown Ramadhan Directed by Aarif Laljee Laila Yasmin Laljee, a schoolgirl from Manchester, embarks on her very first Ramadhan. She's been looking forward to this special moment for years, but this year is different, she must do this without the help and company of friends and extended family as this was during Lockdown.
My Wrecked Retina
My Wrecked Retina Directed by AVA BOUNDS Is this what happens when technology gets the better of us? A cautionary cutting edge take on a nursery rhyme.
Fence Directed by Maryam Rezaei The film is the story of Maryam, a 17-year-old athlete who wants to participate in the national team's qualifiers. She will face difficulties on her way, but there are all her efforts to win....
How Do You Feel?
How Do You Feel? Directed by Connor McCreedy, Alicia, Edward, Hunter, Jake, Lucas and Zak 'How Do You Feel' follows a young girl who struggles to articluate her emotions. She has been asked to write in a journal to express her feelings. The short follows her experience of her inner emotions and how she deals with her world. This video was produced by young filmmakers in Studio 5 at Sparks film school Highgate. Sparks Film and Media Arts is a UK film school for young filmmakers ages 5-18.
I Thought About Killing You
I Thought About Killing You Directed by Mia Price A film about trauma and how it never really ends.
Work Warfare
Work Warfare Directed by Oscar Myles Two work colleagues fall out and start a war, which then goes too far and their boss notices and fires them. They then walk out of their office building, get angry and start the fight again.
Over the Edge and Into the Quiet
Over the Edge and Into the Quiet Directed by Madelaine Ringo Stauble This stop-motion short highlights the sudden silence our world experienced at the start of the COVID-19 lockdown.
Butterfly Playground
Butterfly Playground Directed by Bryn Wright Butterfly Playground” is a whimsical take on the tragedy of losing a friend. Based on a true story, this short film explores the joys and sorrow of three children who had a friend who was a little different ... and truly special.
The Jacket
The Jacket Directed by Havana Newton A action film with a difference - not for younger viewers!
Whelmed Directed by Alex Demopoulos Feeling stressed - this film captures the modern day pressures for young people.
The original nightmare
The original nightmare Directed by Noor Imran-Mir The night hag or old hag is the name given to a supernatural creature commonly associated with the phenomenon of sleep paralysis. This is a phenomenon during which a person feels a presence of a malevolent supernatural being which immobilizes the sleeping person as if sitting on their chest or the at foot of their bed. The word "night-mare" or "nightmare" was used to describe this phenomenon before the word received its modern, more general meaning.Various cultures have various names for this phenomenon and/or supernatural character.
Lady In Waiting
Lady In Waiting Directed by Jodie Corry Based on Shakespeare's Macbeth, this experimental piece investigates the story from the perspective of Lady Macbeth, a guilt-ridden wife who is isolated from society and left alone with her own conscience, which gradually slips away from her.
Chair Farm
Chair Farm Directed by Connor McCreedy
Tea Directed by Vojtěch Haken The music video, depicted as an opera, is about a singer who lives and sings in her own mouth.
Now The Wolves Will Run
Now The Wolves Will Run Directed by Verity Drew Firth Short animated film highlighting the struggles women and children face to be seen and treated fairly and equally in society around the world.
The Adventures of a Snail
The Adventures of a Snail Directed by Patrik Šimunović The hybrid film "The Adventures of a Snail" tells the story of a snail that goes towards its favourite food, greens. On his way he meets various animals. His path is only two meters long. With this film, we wanted to draw attention to the fact that children today cannot hold their attention for long. Internet and other contents change very quickly. We wanted to show that like a slow snail, long shots can be interesting and not just quick and sudden changes of shots. We also wanted the film to draw children's attention to the beauty of the nature that surrounds us. On his way, the snail meets a rooster, a frog and a mosquito, while the birds sitting on the wire watch him.
18 Directed by Abigail Palmer Her emotions run high as she feels her life slipping between her fingers. Is she being kidnapped from her childhood or is she just becoming an adult ?
Fitting In
Fitting In Directed by Mark Leschinsky
Stay in alive
Stay in alive Directed by Matyáš Lada Saving life to the beat of the most famous song from the Bee Gees. Get ready! Let's save!
MINE Directed by Esabella Anna Karena Strickland Two friends quickly realize the gorgeous necklace they got for free may have come with a cost far higher than they were ever expecting...
Playground Directed by Walter Duncan and Marie-Pierre Bonniol How to make electronic music at the playground? On a sunny Sunday, a mother and son produce a handmade music handbook on the fly, assembling images into collections of bizarre rhythms.
Ignorance Directed by Alvin Devito Nugroho You are what you eat. You are what you taste. Ignorance.
Animals Talk Too
Animals Talk Too Directed by Samir Parag Kshirsagar Animals are talking in funny voices, a huge snake is trying to catch and eat a squirrel, later a lioness that is protective of her lion cub eats the snake.
Why The Long Face
Why The Long Face Directed by Charles Kershaw A surreal comedy, this film tells the story of an editor who has to make a film using dubious footage from an overbearing director.
DIRECT(OR) Directed by Jamie Laaarson A mockumentary film about a precoscious young director.